Huge demonstration in defense of the 1988 Constitution, on July 9 in Brasilia, and the ad-negotia letter of Attorney for dilma rousseff and luís inácio lula da silva, "LULA FREEDOM"

9dejulho2018 EM BRASILIA - Huge demonstration in defense of the 1988 Brazilian Constituition.
The demonstration supports the "AD-NEGOTIA / LETTER OF ATTORNEY" document for president Dilma Rousseff and ex-president Luís Inacio Lula da Silva (Lula) and the collected petitions for  "HABEAS CORPUS" which demand the Judiciary to uphold the Brazilian Constitution.

9deJulho2018 - OCCUPY Brasilia - "Levante Constitucionalista 2.0"

Dr. Rubens Francisco explains for the Ocupation.















9dejulho - BRASILIA


9julhy2018 uly 9, 2018 is approaching, and the movement is heating up, the desire to end the State of Exception that was initiated at the Coup d'état in 2016, which deposed the Elected President, Dilma Roussef and plunged Brazil into CAOS, evidenced by the trucker’s strike.
The Brazilian people are suffering, and "sells the lunch" to "buy dinner”.
The collapse of our economy was inevitable, with the inexorable course of the 2016 coup.
But we’ve got a chance.
If we can grant AD NEGOTIA PROXY to Dilma and Lula, we can force institutions to return to the axis of legality.
It is in your hands Brazilian people, the resumption of our democracy.
Print, fill in and sign the power of attorney, take a photo and send it to: email
The same email used for the Habeas Corpus for Lula’s freedom.
Let’s fill up the institutions with our requirements in favour of Brazil.

***** Remember that we need at least 54 million signatures.


Let's fight! ****